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Beyond the streets of Roger Gastman opens gallery in Los Angeles

“Beyond the Streets” now has a permanent address.

The traveling exhibit, which debuted in a Chinatown warehouse four years ago, will be displayed in a new space in Los Angeles. It is the brainchild of Roger Gastman, a former graffiti artist whose mission is to develop cultural centers that embrace street art.

“For years, even before we opened and did the ‘Beyond the Streets’ concept, I was thinking about opening a gallery,” says Gastman, who directed “Rolling Like Thunder,” a 2021 Showtime documentary, and was a consulting producer on “Exit Through the gift shop. “We want to provide more opportunities, [so] it just made sense.”

In addition to the permanent exhibit, the Beyond the Streets flagship will house a curated gift shop and another gallery called Control which was developed by Gastman in association with Sky Gellatly, founder of creative agency Icnclst.

“Post Graffiti,” an exhibition spotlighting 21 artists, from established talents like Crash, Eric Haze and Lady Pink to emerging artists Felipe Pantone and Ozzie Juarez, will be an inaugural exhibit when the space opens on September 24.

“Post Graffiti” will also feature a collaboration between Futura 2000 and Kenny Scharf created specifically for the show. “It’s nine feet long and six feet tall,” Gastman says of the piece. “They’ve been friends for over 40 years, but this is the first true collaborative work they’ve done.”

After its initial performance in Los Angeles, “Beyond the Streets” traveled to Brooklyn in 2019 and has since appeared in other cities.

“Even though I haven’t painted graffiti in many years, it’s still my obsession, and I find myself all around me and looking for it wherever I go,” says Gastman. “My practice has been focused on preserving and archiving and making sure that the history of the culture is not forgotten.”

And he adds: “I want to continue educating [people] about this culture, I want to boost the careers of artists and I want to show that we are here to stay.”

Beyond the Streets is located at 434 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. “Post Graffiti” will be held from September 24 to October 1. 22


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