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BIG PUMP Continues With NEW TAMA Listing: The Tech Report

The whole world, we can freely say, has gone crazy over Tamadoge.ancientTamadoge constantly has something that we all thought the hype would at least die down a bit after the pre-sale phase during which everyone was constantly talking about everything this platform has to offer. However, that is not the case. It seems that there is something new to offer that amazes us again and again. As if all those who were drawn to Tamadoge weren’t already charmed enough by the fact that TAMA is listed on crypto exchange OKX, but now the BIG PUMP continues as TAMADoge receives the second listing on LBANK. It seems that Tamadoge has just started to build its success.

Where does this great interest in Tamadoge come from?

To fully understand this extremely high interest in Tamadoge, we need to look at the big picture, to see what this platform has to offer its users. First of all, Tamadoge attracted its users because it was clear at first glance that it is a platform that not only promises good entertainment but can actually deliver it. If we look objectively, we can even say that Tamadoge “played with sentimentality”. What do we mean by this? Well, a lot of people who grew up and were young during the nineties surely remember the once popular Tamagotchi digital pet, which we all dress, feed, care for and the like. Simply, everyone was crazy about this digital pet.. Tamadoge played very cleverly and offered something similar, of course, on a much higher level. It allowed us to return to the period of our youth and once again have the opportunity to take care of a digital pet, in this case, Tamadoge Pet, with the fact that this time, that time dedicated to taking care of it will not be “in vain” but we can take advantage of it. Great, isn’t it? We believe that most people around the world agree with that. So, Tamadoge is an interesting platform to play to win that offers us both entertainment and profit opportunities.

As we said, Tamadoge Pet is the focus of the Tamadoge universe. It is our task as users to buy our own Tamadog pet at the beginning of our Tamaverse journey, which is young and underdeveloped at the beginning. After that, it is our obligation and duty to provide the Tamadoge Pet with proper care, growth, and development to help it reach the strength and maturity to continue functioning in the Tamaverse. So we need to provide him with food, clothes, and all other necessities, and we can get all of that from the Tamadoge Shop. After we successfully complete that task and our Tamadoge Pet reaches a certain level of strength and maturity, it will have the opportunity to participate in battles against other Tamaverse pets. Those battles are not only interesting, but every time your pet wins them, you will be rewarded with phenomenal prizes. It is now clear that the interest in this platform actually stems from a brilliant concept.

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What has Tamadoge achieved so far?

So it’s understood that this ingenious concept has had a huge impact on Tamadoge’s success thus far. The creators of Tamadoge themselves probably assumed that this platform would be successful, but the question is whether they were aware that it would cause such a huge success. You see, Tamadoge, with TAMA, its native coin, has been around for a little over two months, and in this relatively short period, it has achieved success that almost no other crypto platform ever did. During this period, Tamadoge even managed to sell out its pre-sale stage, raising over $19,000,000. The interest in the TAMA coin is not decreasing, and this is mainly because the crypto experts predict a bright future for this coin. It is they who announce that the value of the TAMA coin will increase between 10 and 100 times in the coming months. We agree that it is more than enough reason to rush to some crypto exchange and invest in the TAMA coin ASAP.

What will happen to Tamadoge in the future?

At the same time, Tamaverse continues to gather more and more people every day due to another fact: TAMA coin is listed on several larger and more respectable crypto exchanges. As if TAMA’s listing on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and OKX wasn’t a big enough success, Tamadoge announced one more listing coming soon. If you haven’t heard yet, you should know that as of Wednesday, October 5, the TAMA coin will be listed in another CEX, and this time it is the LBank. If you are even somewhat present in the world of cryptocurrencies and follow the events in the cryptocurrency market, then you know how important each new listing is for certain cryptocurrencies. So, after each new listing, a certain crypto experiences even greater success and even greater growth in value. So, as you can conclude, there is a very good chance that this will happen soon with TAMA. But by all accounts, this is just the beginning for TAMA. Who knows what else the Tamadoge team is preparing for all Tamadoge users in the future? Due to all the above facts, the best decision you could make right now is to enter the Tamaverse as soon as possible and invest in TAMA to provide yourself with not only fun but also phenomenal opportunities for profit.

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The situation is very clear: by receiving a second listing on LBANK, Tamadoge and TAMA coin will experience even greater success. Yes, in an ideal scenario, it would be best if you invested in TAMA when she appeared. But it’s still not too late. Considering the predictions for this crypto, if you invest in it now, you too will be able to “rub palms of it” with satisfaction seeing the gains that TAMA brings to you.


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