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Reno Tudor Chirila attorney charged with the 1963 murder of Nancy Anderson in Waikiki

DNA collected from the son of a retired Nevada prosecutor helped detectives finally make an arrest in the 50-year-old murder of a 19-year-old McDonald’s employee in Hawaii.

Nancy Elaine Anderson was found dead in the bathroom of her rented Waikiki apartment in January 1972. She had 63 stab wounds to her torso, arms, hands, and legs, including three so deep they left exit wounds. Five decades later, DNA found on her towels on her fire escape and near her entrance has been associated with Tudor Chirila, a prominent Reno attorney who once ran unsuccessfully for the Supreme Court of Snowfall.

Police charged Chirila, 77, who lived in Hawaii before moving to Nevada and becoming a lawyer, with second-degree murder. according to Law and Crime. He is being held without bail.

Homicide investigators were initially told the Michigan native, who had moved to Hawaii just a few months before she was killed, had likely killed herself, which was quickly proven impossible due to the nature of her injuries. , including a defensive thumb wound.

Over the years, a number of suspects were investigated, including her ex-boyfriend and a door-to-door knife dealer who had tried to sell her a knife on the day of her death. None matched the DNA found at the scene.

The first real break in the case came in 2021, when an anonymous tipster suggested that the former deputy attorney general who lives in Reno might be involved. It is unclear what evidence the informant had to link Chirila to Anderson.

Police first obtained DNA from Chirila’s son in Newport Beach, California, proving he was the biological son of the person who left the DNA on towels found at the Hawaii crime scene. Reno police then obtained a warrant to obtain the elder Chirila’s DNA, which they did on Tuesday. Chirila then attempted to take her own life, according to multiple media reports, but was unsuccessful. He was arrested Wednesday and later charged with Anderson’s heinous murder.

Chirila previously tried out for the state in the 1988 scandal involving the IRS and the Mustang Ranch brothel near Reno, which was involved in a money laundering scheme. Chirila was the interim president of AGE Corp. owned by Joe Conforte, whose ties to organized crime have been established. No judicial debt has been settled and Chirila has not yet submitted a formal statement.



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