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RiotPWR Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller Review (iOS)


  • Comfortable and responsive controls

  • Variety of viewing angles.


  • Too bulky to be portable

  • clumsy lightning cable

RiotPWR’s Xbox Cloud Game Controller has just about everything a game controller should have.

About RiotPWR’s Xbox Cloud Game Controller

  • Dimension: 7.28 x 7.13 x 2.95 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Connectivity: lightning cable
  • System Compatibility: iOS only
  • Characteristic: Dedicated Xbox button for integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming

The RiotPWRXbox Cloud Gaming Controller is only compatible with iOS and connects through the phone’s Lightning port. Because it connects via Lightning, plugging the controller into the wall while gaming will also charge the attached phone.

Credit: Reviewed/Jordan McMahon

The RiotPWRXbox Cloud Gaming Controller connects with iPhones via the Lightning port.

I tried both the local games and cloud gaming with the RiotPWRXbox Cloud Gaming Controller playing Dead cells (locally and in the cloud) and shots reborn (locals only). This controller is designed with Xbox Cloud gaming in mind, but it also works with games installed locally on your iPhone, and it’s responsive and enjoyable to use in any case.

Although it only works with iPhones (not Android or Xbox compatible), the RiotPWR controller is basically an Xbox controller with an additional slot for a phone dock on top. The joysticks aren’t too loose or restrictive, and most of the buttons don’t feel muscular or too stiff. Triggers and bumpers are a bit snappier than a PS4 DualShock controller or a spine onebut they are still fine.

There’s also a dedicated Xbox button that works within Xbox Cloud Gaming that summons the Xbox guide where you can start a party or see who of your friends is online. Finally, the controller has a share button next to the D-pad, as well as a menu button. Buttons are responsive, especially in fast-paced games like shots reborn.

Unlike controllers that fit on the sides of your device, like the Backbone One and razer kishiRiotPWR’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller docks the phone on top of the controller with a hinge for adjustable viewing angles.

The viewing angles of the base are versatile. It can be folded completely back and forth to be almost perpendicular to the controller. That allows you to play games with the controller on your lap, resting on a table, or with your arms raised closer to your face, all without a hitch. It also expands to fit any size iPhone and has enough room to fit your phone even with a case on, which neither the Kishi nor the Backbone One will allow.

The Kishi and Backbone One are compact enough to fit in most bags without taking up too much space. Since the RiotPWR Xbox controller has almost the same design as a real Xbox controller, it is too big to fit in small bags and fills up bags that have room.

On top of that, you’ll also want to make sure you bring the dock separate, which you’ll probably want to remove from the controller before storing to save space. Those are two parts to keep in mind, while other mobile controllers are one piece that can collapse when not in use.

Should you buy the RiotPWR Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller?

Maybe if you don’t plan to play on the go

The RiotPWRXbox cloud gaming controller with an iPhone mounted on its dock.

Credit: Reviewed/Jordan McMahon

The spring is flexible and works great, but it’s another part to worry about.

RiotPWR’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller hits almost all the marks: Its joysticks and buttons are pleasant to use, it’s comfortable to hold, and it offers plenty of viewing angles to suit your needs.

That said, it’s not a great controller for mobile gaming. Unlike razer kishi either spine one, the RiotPWR controller can’t collapse on itself for storage when you’re not using it, and since it’s about the size of an Xbox controller, it’s hard to travel with. You also need to keep track of the telephone base accessory separately.

Although it takes up more space, it is small enough to store in a drawer or leave on a coffee table. If you’re looking for a good controller with versatile viewing angles and good ergonomics for playing cloud or mobile games from the couch or in bed, this is a great option.

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